Clip-ons are professional-grade sunglasses that feature the world famous Polaré lens system. Endorsed by eyecare professionals worldwide, our clip-on collection encompasses a wide range of sizes and styles designed to fit over 95% of prescription eyewear.

The lightweight, corrosion-resistant Monel chassis’ showcase our proprietary Polaré lens systems which are available in a extensive range of polarized tints and finishes. Polaré lenses are scratch resistant, extremely durable and deliver crystal-clear visual acuity even in the harshest of conditions. Our clip-ons feature a precision-tuned FreeFlow™ gliding spring bridge and SoftGrip® attachment prongs. The workmanship, performance and quality of Cocoons clip-ons is reiterated by our Lifetime Warranty.

To find an authorized dealer near you, use the Store Locator. If you are purchasing from our online store, follow the directions in the Size Finder section to determine which style best fits your eyewear. Live Eyewear offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and every pair includes a protective Cocoons storage case.

Trusted by Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and Opticians across the globe, our Clip-ons utilize the Polaré optical grade lens system. The polarized lenses provide complete protection from harmful UV rays and eliminate the visual irritants caused by harsh glare. Your eyes will remain relaxed and focused, reducing eye-strain and fatigue. The robust Polaré systems exceed the ANSI Z80.3, EN 1836 and AS/NZS 1067 impact resistance standards. The lenses are offered in a variety of tints and finishes.

Live Eyewear manufactures Clip-ons to exacting standards and expectations. All of our products are covered by a Lifetime Warranty and a 30 day, purchase satisfaction guarantee.

Our Clip-ons provide a fashionable and convenient sunwear solution. If you require complete 360° protection from the harmful effects of the sun, we recommend you consider Cocoons Fitovers, the world’s leading brand of Professional Grade fitover sunglasses. We also offer Vistana, a high-fashion line of polarized fitover sunglasses.


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