Complete Sizing Guide (All Products – 22 Pages)

Complete Sizing Guide (All Clip-On Products – 22 Pages)

We have provided for you a number of printable comprehensive sizing guides to assist you in determining which Clip-On is best for your frame and lens combination.

IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO PRINT THE ENTIRE 22-PAGE SIZING GUIDE BELOW!  If you choose to print the guide, it MUST be printed at 100% actual size, or it will not provide an accurate recommendation of the size that fits over your glasses. It is important to set your print preferences with the scaling option turned off. This will ensure that the document prints at full size. Use the either the image of the coin on the printed sizing guide to verify it printed at 100% or, if you are not in the United States, please measure the diameter of the quarter on the printed page and it should measure exactly 24mm.

SIZING CLIP-ONS:  Place your glasses face down on the full scale images of each frame size.  To ensure that the Clip-On will fit over your glasses please make sure that the clip-on prongs visible on the clip on image does not interfere with the placement of the temples on your glasses.

Click here to select your proper Clip-On shape where you will find the related individual sizing guide. This will allow you to avoid printing the entire sizing guide and ensure that you have the best information to make your Clip-On selection.


Click the image below to download the Complete 22-page Sizing Guide.

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